Airtel Rwanda Introduces New Calling, Data Packages #rwanda #RwOT

Airtel Rwanda has launched a comprehensive calling / voice package for its subscribers.

This comes after a revision of all voice products including Isanzure, Tera Stori, Imirongo Yose and Byose combo Packs.

Airtel Rwanda MD, Amit Chawla, said that, 'The Campaign, Va Ku Giti, Dore Umurongo is an umbrella campaign that serves to cement our position The Honest Network, bringing to life the ethos of Honesty, Transparency and Freedom to call all networks.'

Airtel's flagship voice product, Isanzure is now Open and Honest, open in the sanse that all customers can see the same packs regardless of age or usage profile.

Similary, Tera Stori, another popular product has been further enhanced to offer more minutes so that customers can Talk Freely to Any Network, introducing a higher value pack worth Rwf5,000, offering 3,000 minutes to call Airtel and 500 minutes to call the other network. 

Amit Chawla added that, 'We have revised our All-Net Packs, populary known as Imirongo Yose, offering double the minutes to call all networks. For instance, customers can buy a pack for only 200 RWF offering 20 minites to call Airtel to Airtel and 20 minutes to call the other network.' 

Airtel has also launched an All-in-One bundle called Byose, a bundle that combines Voice, Data and SMS's at a single price point. This pack, Amit Said 'priced at Rwf15,000 and comes loaded with a massive 30 GB of Data, 3,000 minutes of talk time to call customers on Airtel in addition to 500 minutes to call the other network plus 1,500 SMS. I will be bold and confirm that it is impossible for one to find an equivalent bundle with as much value as Byose'.

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