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We wish for every Rwandan child to have an opportunity to have an education – President Kagame #rwanda #RwOT

'Educating a human being, right from childhood, will enable us to understand the environment we live in, whether it is to do with climate or other aspects of our environment,' Kagame has said.

Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser, co-founder and Chairperson of Qatar Foundation, hosted the event.

Speaking at the event, President Kagame said, 'We want every Rwandan child, as we would wish for the rest of the world, to have an opportunity to have an education. We have been thinking about sustainability in every investment we make in our country, in our people, and starting with education.'

Kagame was speaking a day after attending the official opening of the World Cup in Qatar.

For over two decades, Qatar Foundation (QF), a non-profit organisation, is home to centres and programmes focused on education, research and innovation, and community development intertwined for the benefit of Qatar, and the world.

The foundation, supported by partnerships with leading international institutions, aims to address Qatar's most pressing challenges; creating local, regional, and global impact; and empowering people to shape both the present and the future.

Rwanda and Qatar maintain close ties.

Bilateral relations between the two countries have recently expanded to various fields, including in financial and hospitality industries, education, as well as the aviation sector.

Source : https://imirasire.com/?We-want-every-Rwandan-child-to-have-an-opportunity-to-have-an-education

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