Korea Donates 100,000 KF94 Face Masks To Rwanda #rwanda #RwOT

The Korean Embassy in Kigali has donated 100,000 KF94 masks worth of US$100,000 to the Ministry of  Health of Rwanda through Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC) to support Rwanda's efforts to tackle COVID 19. 

The KF94 masks were handed over at a ceremony held on on Friday at the Kigali International Airport between Dr. Emille Mwikarago, the Division Manager of Rwanda's National Reference Laboratory on behalf of RBC and Jongyun CHOI, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Korean Embassy.  

Dr. Sabin Nsanzimana, the Director General of the Rwanda Biomedical Centre appreciated the government of the Republic of  Korea for this timely support. 'We really appreciate the contribution of the Government of Korea; indeed the masks will help us to stop the spread of COVID-19, this is a sign of concrete cooperation; a friend in need is a friend indeed.' 

The Korean government is committed to contributing to the fight against COVID-19 in different areas.

Jongyun CHOI, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Korean Embassy said, 'At a time of the unprecedented pandemic situation, global solidarity is important more than ever. Korea will be a close friend of Rwanda in its fight against COVID 19'. 

KF94 mask is equivalent to FFP2 mask in Europe and N95 mask in the United States

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