DRC's Lubumbashi City Attackers Arrested #rwanda #RwOT

A joint operation conducted by Congolese security agencies have arrested a group of armed men that had attacked and taken control of part of the city of Lubumbashi (Haut-Katanga) on Friday and early Saturday.

Prime Minister Sylvestre Ilunga Ilunkamba held an emergency security meeting and it was revealed the results of the events in Lubumbashi perpetrated by armed men at Place Moïse Tshombe and at RTNC Haut -Katanga, reports 16 dead, 13 captured and 7 weapons of war recovered from the Insurgents.

Sources from Lubumbashi said that the rebels had attempted to hoist their own flag in city. However, on Saturday morning, the militiamen were prevented from hoisting the 'Katanga' flag at the Place de Poste in the city center of Lubumbashi. The situation returned to normal later in the afternoon in Lubumbashi. The mayor of the city called on the population to be calm and to go about their business freely.

The authorities have drawn up the toll of 16 Bakata Katanga militiamen killed during the incursion on Saturday in the city of Lubumbashi. The Congolese forces which succeeded in pushing back the attackers also lost 1 soldier and 2 police officers. 13 other militiamen were captured.

'We will not continue to allow incursions to take place in Lubumbashi. Also, we believe that these militiamen have complaints and that the provincial authority should seek to speak with those who were captured and know exactly their complaints, because in our understanding, if they have arrived as far as the city, they have complaints,' said Bertin Tchoz, responsible for security governance for the Haut-Katanga civil society consultation framework.

DRC's Mai-Mai Rebels Enter Lubumbashi City Wreak Havoc

Source : https://taarifa.rw/drcs-lubumbashi-city-attackers-arrested/

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