New pharmaceutical company opens September #rwanda #RwOT

The factory, built in the Masoro industrial zone, is expected to start operations in mid-September, where it will be making drugs of various types, with about 80% of its employees being Rwandans.

In addition to providing employment, it will also reduce the country's import of pharmaceuticals by between 10% and 20%.

Apex Biotech co-founder Herbeton Madari told the media that they will start with producing 10 types of drugs.

“We are now ready for the work to start in mid-September as everything has been put in place, and machinery installed. We will start with 10 types of drugs and then expand as time goes by.”

The factory will have the capacity to produce 800 million packs of pills a year, 200 million capsules and, eight million bottles of syrups.

Rwandan and Bangladeshi investors have shares in the new company.



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