COVID-19: Nyarugenge, Mutangana markets lockdown extended #rwanda #RwOT

On August 17, the markets, Nyabugogo and Nyarugenge were temporarily closed after they were found to be time bombs for the spreading of coronavirus.

The closure was supposed to be lifted effective August 25, but the City of Kigali extended the closure to August 30th “as testing continues.”

In addition to these markets, nearby stores are not allowed to continue operations until they are given a green card to resume.

The City of Kigali says the closure of these markets is part of a plan to continue testing traders that are not yet tested and examine if there are no new cases.

Rwandans are required to continue to comply with government regulations, especially with frequent washing of hands and water and soap, wearing masks when leaving home or in public.

Nicole Kamanzi M.


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