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Adhvika Web Series || Episode – 4 || Sheetal Gauthaman || Don Pruthvi || Infinitum Media #rwanda #RwOT

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Are you excited to know what happens next in Adhvika's life?

'Adhvika' is a Telugu Horror Comedy Web Series Featuring Sheetal Gauthaman & @Don Pruthvi as leads.

Cast: Sheetal Gauthaman, Don Pruthvi, KP Kalidindi, Pragnya Prathyusha, Ramesh Bhuvanagiri, Vikram Aditya Kadiyala.

Written and Directed by Pavan Kondamudhi

Direction Team: Venkat Rdy, Sathwick Voleti, Shivaraj , Lavanya Gonti.

Editing: Shekhar Pulluri, Ma Vijay Kumar

DOP: Bhanu Prakash Musumuri

Music: Srujan Shashanka

VFX and Motion Graphics: Hemanth Korimi

Poster Designer: Nikhil Chotu

Sound Engineer: Mahesh, Venkat

Camera Crew: Surya, Ajith

Make up: Sindhu Reddy

Finance Manager: Chandhu JC

Line Producer: Aleem

Executive Producer: Shrija Reddy

Producer: Vandana Bandaru

#AdhvikaWebSeries #SheetalGauthaman #DonPruthvi #InfinitumMedia

Produced by #Infinitum Network Solutions

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