COVID-19: Nyabugogo Market reopens today #rwanda #RwOT

The decision to reopen was based on a health assessment and the level of Covid-19 prevention preparedness of people who work in the market, said the City of Kigali management.

In a statement, City of Kigali noted that reopening does not apply to wholesale traders or those selling fruits, vegetables, and potatoes; their work station will remain in Giti cy'Inyoni and Nzove markets.

On August 16 the Kigali City Administration decided to close the Mutangana market after days of widespread exposure to COVID-19.

The decision immediately went into effect, with vendors of perishable items asked to remove them, others were to keep their belongings properly stacked.

In a bid to avoid overcrowding that may lead to the spread of the virus, vendors without stands or those with stands that were not in the housing master plan are not allowed to reopen.

Like all other markets country-wide, only 50 percent of all workers of Nyabugogo Market will be allowed to work in shifts.

The decision to reopen Nyabugogo Market follows the recent reopening of Nyarugenge Market; both markets were closed for two weeks after a spike in Covid-19 cases in Kigali was traced to both markets.

Nyabugogo Market commonly known as 'Kwa Mutangana' will reopen today Tuesday, September 15

Nicole Kamanzi M.

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