Parliament Pushes Government To Revise Cost Of DNA Tests #rwanda #RwOT

The largest majority of Rwandans in need of DNA tests can barely afford the high costs and Parliament is pushing the government to revise the price following a report that indicated that the service is barely accessible.

Paternity testing for example is offered in two options; Express and non-express testing. The express testing costs Rwf427,998 and three samples are taken from the specimen.

The non-express testing costs Rwf267,032 and also three samples are drawn from specimen.

For those seeking personal DNA tests, the Laboratory offers two options including the presumptive test and confirmatory test.

This means that if the laboratory has a blood sample that will be used as a sample for DNA testing, the client pays Rwf100,000 for the presumptive and confirmatory test.

Other samples also that can be used in the laboratory for DNA testing include; Saliva and Semen (and each sample testing costs Rwf100,000)

In a situation of a rape case; the court may request for the testing of semen that may have been found at the scene of the crime. The cost of testing this semen sample is Rwf100,000.

The Rwanda Forensic Laboratory conduct, which is the only lab offering these services, tests DNA, Drugs, Biological sample for Toxicology, Chemistry, Questioned Documents, Fingerprints, Ballistics, Digital tests, Microbiology, and Forensic Medicine examinations.

The lab has conducted only 8,000 tests since 2018 when the lab acquired the infrastructure.

Parliament on Monday insisted that the government needs to revise these prices, noting that the limited access might facilitate abetting of justice in case of the need to provide forensic evidence against suspects.


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