World in extreme terrifying moment due to dinosaur's footprint found in UK. - YEGOB #rwanda #RwOT


In United Kingdom, at a beach of Pembrokeshire, big footprint was found drawn at a beach, and nearer people think it is Dinosaur's footprint.

With 50 meters along UK's experts examined samples taken from local beach, and then later confirmed that it of dinosaur for sure.

10 people in a team of sand experts, had to work ten hours so as to make sure that they announce what is real as it was confirmed by Apple TV.

' Is great honor and opportunity to see a thing like this in lifetime, we used to see them in movies now I fell real' Sir David said.


It started in United Kingdom, and now the rest of the world are watching and waiting for the miracles to happen.

Dinosaur disappeared in many years ago before human being start to exist in this world, it would be great miracles if they are back.

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