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Breaking news: Kigali Arena has changed its name - YEGOB #rwanda #RwOT

Kigali Arena is among the best buildings in Africa located at Remera Kigali Rwanda beside by Amahoro stadium, games of BAL are taking place there even if Rwandan team has eliminated in the beginning of those games.

According to agreement between Bank of Kigali and owners of Kigali Arena, they have agreed that Kigali Arena is going to change its name to BK Arena from today Tuesday.

BK Arena is one of buildings that brings together  many people especially in entertainment and sports because it's very popular cool stadium in Africa and also source of happiness for people in Kigali and around there.

Kigali Arena has changed its name

Source : https://yegob.rw/breaking-news-kigali-arena-has-changed-its-name/

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