Rwanda Sets Guidelines For Resuming Sports Events #rwanda #RwOT

After a period of seven months under strict ban of sporting activities across the country as part of measures aimed at preventing the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, there is hope that the restrictions are being relaxed.

This month, the government announced that sporting activities will resume but under strict conditions.

'Sports organizations, Associations, instructors, and personal trainers need to ensure the safety of participants and the wider community by adhering to all physical distancing and hygiene and cleaning measures mentioned in the guide,' the 24-page statement says.

According to this working document, an assessment of particular sports was conducted to ascertain categories in regard to the level of threat. Some sports were found to be Low risk, Medium risk and High risk.

'Every sports organization (Federations, Associations) was requested to share safety measures specific to its discipline before the activities resume in accordance of guidance of International Federations [Ifs] aiming the safety and protection of the life of athletes and all participants in sports,' reads part of this document that Taarifa has accessed.

Focusing on the high risk sports, the list includes; football, rugby, swimming, basketball, volleyball, karate, Gymnastic and, boxing among others.

'They involve close, sustained contact between participants, a lack of significant protective barriers and high probability that respiratory particles will be transmitted between participants,' according to the ministry of sports.

For the resumption of Football, the Ministry says, 'All participants should be tested negative before joining the training. Provide water and soaps hand sanitizers for participants before starting. Wearing a protective mask is compulsory for employees and coaches.'

For indoor games, it is required that non-contact training skills are highly recommended where possible and holding maximum five sessions not exceeding two hours per day in one facility. Clean the space before and after use (Respect at least 1 Hour to clean and sanitize the space and equipment).

At the popular Gym Tonics, 'Participants must wash their hand with hydro -alcoholic before entering in the gymnasium while training is allowed in small group and Equipment must be regularly disinfected. Modify training or playing conditions or activity rules to support physical distancing, e.g. adequate spacing, non -contact skills training and limited equipment sharing.'

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