Gatsibo Dasso To Build Descent House For Elderly Mother #rwanda #RwOT

Members of the Gatsibo District Administration Security Support Organ (DASSO) have commenced with ground clearing activities paving way for construction of a new and descent home to shelter the 80-year old Mukangwije Therese.

Previously Mukangwije Therese's small house was in a place considered high risk zone prone to weather calamities. As the rainy season kicks in, it was prudent to relocate this elderly mother of two yet all are in category one of economic status.

Realizing that Mukangwije was living in a dangerous place, authorities at Bushobora cell, Remera sector in Gatsibo district decided to relocate her to her neighbours temporarily to allow construction works to begin. The new house has been budgeted to cost about Rwf3million according to district authorities.

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