Battle Begins: Uganda Police Issues Criminal Summons To RNC Terror Agents #rwanda #RwOT

Sula Nuwamanya, Prossy Boonabana and Thomas Sankara, all members of Rwanda National Congress-a notorious terrorist organization have been summoned by Uganda's Criminal Investigations Department (CID).

'You are required to report to Central Police Station Kampala on September 14,' reads part of the summons seen by Taarifa.

According to the criminal summons, the case file is registered as CASE REF: CRB 648/2020. 'This office is investigating alleged theft of office documents,' the summons indicates as signed on September 9 by the Divisional CID Officer Kampala.

In March specifically on 27th day, Prossy Boonabana while escorted with a Police commando is said to have stormed an office of a Ugandan business Henry Mugisha put him at gun point and ransacked the drawers and took all financial documents and cash worth U$2500.

According to Kigenyi-Opira & Co advocates representing Mugisha Henry, while submitting to court in July 10, an intention to sue Boonabana, Nuwamanya and Chebet Godfrey (the body guard assigned to Boonabana) they indicated the genesis of this theft matter.

'It is within your knowledge that all of you have been business partners with our client trading under the name and style of Lloyd Company Ltd' wherein shareholders and directors as well,' Mugisha's lawyers said in their 'Demand Notice Cum Notice of Intention to sue'.

'Boonabana and Nuwamanya on the 23rd March 2020 while in the company meeting, our client demanded accountability from you for money amounting to U$35,000. The records bearing the signature of Boonabana were shown to you and you presented fake accountability which sparked a disagreement between you and our client,' said Kigenyi-Opira & Co advocates.

Taarifa discovered that after this rough meeting, Nuwamanya, Boonabana and the body guard armed with an AK47 returned to this office and placed Mugisha at gun point and took company books of account and stole money and left Mugisha in a very traumatised. But he later reported the matter to Central Police Station Kampala vide SD REF 23/27/03/20.

According to deeper details, upon learning that what they did was illegal, Nuwamanya, Boonabana and her body guard a police officer number 38541 Chebet Godfrey started threatening Mugisha that if he does not abandon his claims, for accountability, they were going to report him to security authorities that he is a Rwandan spy engaging himself in espionage and spying activities against Uganda.

The threats did not stop, the trio hatched another plan with security operatives- they kidnapped Mugisha and detained him with an objective to deport him to Rwanda but it was impossible since security agents searched his home and found he was not in possession of any Rwandan documents as framed by his tormentors. Mugisha secured his release after 9 days in dreadful detention conditions- he was only saved by the fact that he is Uganda and not a Rwandan as fabricated by the trio.

In the twist of events, Mugisha has set a precedence where a person formerly accused and detained on such serious allegations actually drags his tormentors to court and manages to maneuver through the same process that had swallowed him.

According to Mugisha's lawyers, 'the malicious accusations which led to his illegal arrest and detention have occasioned him actual loss for which we are instructed to demand as follows;  pay our client U$45,000 as income he lost for the days he was illegally deprived and detained for 36 days he spent without a trade tool (laptop).'

Another demand includes; U$270000 as general damages for injury made to his reputation, phycological redress to trauma arising from wrongful, false, illegal and stressful imprisonment.

Mugisha also demands a public apology through all media platforms and legal fees worth U$10000.

For the past six months, Taarifa has been investigating the Kampala based RNC terror cell which has been responsible for the massive torment, extortion and suffering of Rwandans in Uganda- most of whom are framed as spies of Rwanda while others are threatened with arrest in case they do not finance the terror cell.

Boonabana and her co accused are also battling other civil cases. Taarifa Will continue bringing you all the details of this developing story.

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