COVID-19: Rwanda records 30 new cases, 25 recoveries #rwanda #RwOT

"Kigali:13 (testing in villages under lockdown), Rubavu:11 (returning residents isolated on arrival), Rusizi:5, Kayonza:1"

Among the 275 385 test samples so far taken in Rwanda since the first case was registered, corded on 14th, March 2020, a total of 2092 are active cases and only five deaths were recorded so far.

Symptoms of Coronavirus include coughing, colds, and difficulty breathing. It is transmitted through the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Rwandans are required to continue to comply with government regulations, especially with frequent washing of hands with water and soap, wearing face masks when in public places and respecting social distancing.

Nicole Kamanzi M.


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