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ISHURI has collaborated with The Wisdomous Publishing to increase their publishing activities and create additional Kinyarwanda-language books. The collaboration between ISHURI and The Wisdomous Publishing is an important step forward in boosting literacy and language development in Rwanda and beyond.

The collaboration between ISHURI and The Wisdomous Publishing recognizes the significance of promoting Kinyarwanda literature and expanding chances for individuals to study and participate in this language. They hope to foster literacy and language development while conserving and sharing Rwanda's culture and history by producing more books in Kinyarwanda.

The partnership between ISHURI and The Wisdomous Publishing intends to produce high-quality books that cater to diverse audiences, including children and young adults and those interested in literature, history, and philosophy. The books aim to educate, inspire, and entertain readers while promoting the Kinyarwanda language and increasing access to educational resources.

The partnership also recognizes the vital role of language in preserving and promoting culture. ISHURI and The Wisdomous Publishing seek to celebrate and share Rwanda's rich culture by publishing books in Kinyarwanda. The books will highlight Rwanda's history, traditions, and values, illuminating the country's past and present.

ISHURI and The Wisdomous Publishing share a dedication to education and social development. They encourage reading and learning in Rwanda and abroad through book donations and community involvement programmes. Rwandans interested in publishing can find jobs, which boosts social and economic growth.

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