Lockdown is inevitable-Prof Shyaka #rwanda #RwOT

The warning is contained in his message after it became clear that many people have already given up on COVID-19 prevention measures, while the outbreak has not gone away despite of the fact that active cases are few.

As of Sunday, police had arrested more than 230 people in bars with alcohol, in violation of COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

In an interview with Television Rwanda, Minister Shyaka said: 'So obviously we are still sleeping, without taking steps to implement the given precautions, Lockdown is inevitable. We repeat it, maybe more than a week or two, but if that continues, that's a problem that we are throwing ourselves into, and yet we have a choice to avoid it."

He said that people should return to complying with measures of prevention, and involved organs to punish and to take necessary measures because people seem to have become careless of the situation.

'You could see there was some sort of laziness because most people saw the numbers going down and started thinking we have prevailed on the Covid," he observed.

'That is the mistake that has been made all over the world, where the countries that have eased the lockdown to going back to total lockdown again. So, we would only resort to this as a last resort. "

Countries have recently returned to total lockdown after have been open for a long time with an increasing number of activities including France, Germany, and the UK, even Italy is getting ready to go back.

However, there is hope that the vaccine will be available in the coming months, after a 90% chance of protection from infection by Pfizer and BioNTech.

On Monday, the Ministry of Health said that two deaths in Rwamagana district were the newest cases of the covid-19 in Rwanda, bringing the number of deaths to 38.

Since March 14, 2020, when the first patient was found in Rwanda, 571,902 Coronavirus samples had been taken, of which 5242 cases were confirmed. Of those, 4967 recovered, while 237 are still active cases.

Prof Shyaka Anastase, said that if Rwandans continue to neglect directives, it is possible that in the next few days they will be returned into lockdown

Nicole Kamanzi M.

Source : https://en.igihe.com/news/article/lockdown-is-inevitable-prof-shyaka

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