'Disarm Joseph Kabila'- Congolese Legislator Challenges President Tshisekedi #rwanda #RwOT

President Felix Tshisekedi has been urged to completely disarm his predecessor Joseph Kabila as a means of clipping his feathers and cutting down the influence he wields.

With the ongoing consultations, National Député Coco Mulongo said on Friday that President Tshisekedi met with the H. Katanga, Lualaba and Tanganyika parliamentary caucuses.

'I told him of my concern, that of demilitarizing the senator for life [Joseph Kabila], so that he would not be accused of having a militia. Message received and taken seriously,' said National Député Coco Mulongo.

The ongoing consultations initiated by President Felix Tshisekedi, the Common Front for Congo (FCC) political movement led by former President Joseph Kabila had rejected to participate in these consultations.

However, on Friday, the Common Front for Congo (FCC) said it has authorized its Governors, within the framework of the Governors' Conference, to meet President Felix Tshisekedi.

'The FCC remains respectful of inter-institutional consultations. It is within this framework that, as with the Conference of Governors, the party authorized its senior Provincial Governors to meet with the Head of State,'said Prof Nehemie Mwilanya via twitter.

The FCC platform of the former President Kabila had said, at the end of the 2nd retreat held last weekend at Safari Beach that it would not participate in the consultations of Félix Tshisekedi, but that it was ready to discuss within the framework of the coalition agreement that the old and the new head of state had signed.

DRC President Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo met with the Governors of the Provinces, on the eleventh day of the Presidential Consultations.

Despite this boycott stance, certain personalities and FCC deputies still present themselves to President Tshisekedi's consultations under various hats, they include;  Pius Muabilu, Henri Thomas Lokondo, Lambert Mende, Ngoy Kasanji, Denis Kambayi, etc.

Meanwhile, Prof Nehemie Mwilanya has come under fire and is being criticized for considering some governors as property of the FCC contrary to the provisions of the constitution.

'Can Prof Nehemie Mwilanya, a doctor of law in his state, repeat these remarks in front of his own law students? It is truly to despair of the civic education of our elite of tomorrow! Governors are first and foremost governors of the Republic,' queried Franck Kayembe, Member of Ontario College of Teachers -Organizational Development Advisor.

Source : https://taarifa.rw/disarm-joseph-kabila-congolese-legislator-challenges-president-tshisekedi/

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