EAC electronic passports to replace ordinary ones by next year #rwanda #RwOT

The announcement comes after reports surfaced on social media that Rwandan passports would expire by the end of this year.

The East African Community Electronic Passport has a variety of categories including the Ordinary Passport light blue, which has three categories, which is used for regular travel and is available to all Rwandans who want it.

Includes a 34-page children's passport, valid for two years, at a cost of Rwf25,000. An adult passport with 50 pages at a cost of Rwf75,000 lasts for five years. Another passport in this category is for adults but has a page of 66 for 10 years. This 10-year passport is issued for Rwf100,000.

The other category is a green work passport with 50-pages issued to employees who have gone for the government mission at Rwf15,000 that lasts for five years.

There is also the passport of diplomats and other dignitaries provided for by the Ministerial Order of May 2019 on Immigration and Emigration, which has a 50-page page for 5 years, issued at a cost of Rwf50,000.

Passports are issued not later than four days after application.

These passports will expire by next year June
These are the EAC electronic passports to replace ordinary ones

Elina Jonas Ruzindaza

source https://en.igihe.com/news/article/eac-electronic-passports-to-replace-ordinary-ones-by-next-year

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