Lion Beer Brand Shakes Up Rwanda Market #rwanda #RwOT

Lion, Leffe and Brok are the newly imported beer brands with fancy and exotic packaging that have stormed the Rwandan market and definitely are rapidly gaining popularity among the elite class.

These were the preferred brands consumed during the two-day Rwanda Summer Golf tourism event that was held at Falcon Golf Club on the shores of Lake Muhazi in Rwamagana district.

Local brewers are said to be watching closely as their previous market domination gets disrupted for the first time with a real threat and competition from foreign brands. These beers are in take away bottles and cans.

The slender and cute beer bottles do not need an ordinary opener, you only use your hand to twist the cover and pop it off and it gives the pressure sound just like for opening any beer bottle. Several revelers at the golfing event drunk these beers as much as they could- they could not let go of any bottle from their hands. It was the first time seeing such a big event in Rwanda being enjoyed with strange beer brands as if they have been in the market longer.

According to ABANOUB General Trading Ltd Company, the importers of these beers including other energy drinks, there is massive positive response from Rwandans, 'the elite of Rwandan society have liked our products and the consumption is rapidly expanding especially in Kigali city and neighbouring districts.

The local distributor of these exotic beer products in the Rwandan market is Digital Logistics Company;  'We are currently expanding to rural districts and marketing our products and we expect a good response,' Rugazora Paul  the Managing director told Taarifa on Sunday on the sidelines of Rwanda Summer Golf event at Falcon Golf Club in Rwamagana district.

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