Samsung Breaks New Rules With Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G #rwanda #RwOT

Covid-19 Pandemic will for the next decades cause comprehensive adjustments in the way life is experienced and this means drastic technological innovations for the new normal.

Samsung has unveiled a very seductive and mystical phone it has called the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G– it is a masterpiece of futuristic 5th generation lifestyle.

This magnificent Mystic Bronze coloured Galaxy premium neutral tone has a satin texture that is as timeless as it is on trend.

“It has three powerful cameras that keep you honing your craft,” Samsung said Wednesday as it seduced its loyal and potential customers.

This gadget is the first to merge a pen with a phone, Note put a whole new world in your pocket. As we face a new normal, life demands a new kind of device. This is not a smartphone as you know it.

“This is a computer suite in your pocket. This is next-level gaming on mobile. This is a pro-grade 8K camera and editing suite. This is the power phone that forever changes how you work and play,” the manufacturer boasts from its website.

The wonders of the S-Pen- its operable distance extends approximately 10 meters from the device in open space. Control range may vary depending on surroundings and other factors.

The manufacturer says the gadget has improved wireless charging speeds with Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 USB PD 3.0 (PPS) certified Fast Charging for wired charging (AFC and QC2.0 compatible) *WPC certified Wireless charging.

Recording quality is improved with the High AOP Mic that minimizes distortion in noisy environments. AOP: Acoustic Overload Point.


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