How Russia Deals With Covid-19 In Bars, Night Clubs #rwanda #RwOT

In Russia, starting October 19, all visitors of establishments operating between midnight and 6 a.m. will be required to scan a QR code or send a text message to a designated number prior to entering the venue, said Sergei Sobyanin the Mayor of Moscow.

'In case one of the visitors is diagnosed with Covid-19, this system allows us to quickly notify all other guests that they are at risk and must promptly get tested for Covid-19,' Sobyanin said.

However, the Moscow city mayor's statement didn't give further details such as where individuals should register their phone numbers.

Given current rates of infection in Russia's capital, city authorities have 'every reason' to order bars and clubs to close down like they did in the spring, Sobyanin said.

Russia's official number of coronavirus cases have risen above1,354,163.

This system was developed as an alternative to closing them given their importance in the local economy, he said.

Nightclubs, where it's nearly impossible to enforce mask-wearing or social distancing, are viewed as prime spots for the virus' spread.

Russia has all reason to remain cautious with handling of night clubs and bars including other establishments that open extended hours.

In South Korea, often praised for its effective handling of the initial Covid-19 outbreak, a flare-up of infections in May was linked to a Covid-19 positive partygoer who allegedly infected at least 100 people in one night.

Meanwhile,Late last month, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered all pubs and restaurants in England to close at 10 p.m. in an effort to combat a rise in infections.

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