President Kagame shows granddaughter to the public #rwanda #RwOT

The photo was posted on the President's Twitter page on Tuesday night carrying a baby in a happy mood, and the caption said that he had a wonderful weekend with "this little human being".

The head of state had recently announced that he had a granddaughter, after his daughter Ange Kagame and her husband Bertrand Ndengeyingoma gave birth to their firstborn on August 19, 2020.

Ange Kagame Ingabire is the second child of President Kagame and First Lady Jeannette Kagame; she was married on July 6, 2019 during a very colourful and royal ceremony. It was at the end of December 2018 that Bertrand Ndengeyingoma officially asked her hand in marriage, in a traditional dowry ceremony that was held at President Kagame's home in Rwamagana District in Muhazi Sector.

On July 20, 2020, President Kagame announced the birth of the baby on Twitter saying that 'Since yesterday we are very happily and 'officially' grandparents. Congratulations A&B!! ..:):):) What a joy!?'

'First time is even more exciting!' he added.

On September 6, in an interview with the public broadcaster, Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA), President Kagame talked about his grandchild, for the first time, confirming that it was a girl and that he was enjoying being a grandparent for the very first time.

The Head of State said that he takes time off his busy schedule to visit her, pointing out that he was promoted from being a father to being a grandfather and he was enjoying it.

'She is a healthy girl, she is growing up fast, and when I get time after work, I rush to visit her,' President Kagame said. Asked 'do you go as President Kagame or as Kagame the grandparent?' to which he replied: 'As Kagame.'

President Paul Kagame was filled with delight as he was photographed carrying his granddaughter in a photo that he, for the first time shared with the public.

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