Police issues fresh call on restricted movement hours #rwanda #RwOT

While appearing on Waramutse Rwanda, a morning talk-show on Rwanda Television on Monday, September 7, RNP spokesperson, CP John Bosco Kabera, observed that violations mainly include not respecting the time when everyone should be home as well as not wearing facemask.

"Like it was directed in the recent Cabinet Meeting of August 26, there were changes in movement hours; movements are now prohibited between 7 pm and 5 am.

It has been observed that some people have not adjusted according to this directive, but all relevant entities are working together to enforce and ensure that it's respected," CP Kabera said.

He observed that there are four groups of people in relation to compliance.

Those, who fully understand and comply with the directives as issued; those who understand and take responsive steps to facilitate the implementation and enforcement through awareness and information sharing on violators; those who comply because they are forced or penalized; and habitual violators who are penalized but fail to change their behavior.

"The better part is that those who comply and are responsive constitute the vast majority. We urge everyone to fall under this group instead of being forced," CP Kabera said.

Use of force

While responding to concerns of the Police extreme use of force, which has been making rounds on social media platforms, CP Kabera said that "this is uncalled-for."

"Police officers are held accountable, right from the one who, insult or verbally abuse members of community; refuses to give a service or respond to an emergency call; up to the one, who used excessive force in the course of their dity," CP Kabera emphasized.

He added: "When extreme force is used, those implicated or responsible are held accountable after thorough investigations conducted jointly by RIB and the Police. Police officers are Rwandans like others and are not above the law.

RNP has reminded all residents of Rwanda to operate within the limits of the issued directives and guidelines, and equally be on the frontline through maximum compliance.


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