COVID-19: 20th death #rwanda #RwOT

Among the new cases identified were 18 from Kigali testing in high risk groups, Rusizi recorded 4 cases, Kamonyi and Rubavu recorded 2 cases each, while Gisagara, Musanze, Kirehe,and Karongi recorded 1 new case each.

The figures released on Tuesday put the number of confirmed cases in Rwanda at 4,439, while the number of recoveries got to 2307 including 36 new recoveries recorded on the same day, which means the active cases are now 2112 cases.

As of September 8, 447,603 sample tests have been taken so far.

The Ministry of Health continues to encourage people to take more precautionary measures, while there is hope that a COVID-19 vaccine may be available in the near future although in terms of treatment, research may still be lagging behind.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Ngamije Daniel, told reporters on Monday that the disease is present in the country and is becoming more prevalent in various parts of the country, more often than not new case are found from people working in closed up areas.

“So it is something we need to keep on doing because in the coming days, in the next three months the vaccine will be available, people should, therefore, be patient during the waiting time so as not to overly charge our healthcare facilities and allowing them to continue to take good care of them,” said the Minister.

Currently, people who are more affected by the pandemic in Rwanda are those that have been diagnosed with other health conditions such as chronic diseases, as diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity.

Nicole Kamanzi M.

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