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CATCHYZ Ltd is launching the first and largest classified online marketplace in Rwanda, ( where buyers and sellers can connect with absolutely no commission.

What is CATCHYZ?

CATCHYZ Ltd is a Rwanda-based company that will be operating all over East Africa, where anybody from the region can consult the application for FREE.

CATCHYZ can be used in Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, the Republic of Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). With an ability to automatically translate into any of the five languages you use on your phone. CATCHYZ targets to make buying and selling much easier; the languages being, Kinyarwanda, English, French, Swahili and Lingala.

CATCHYZ has your best needs at heart. You are able to search whatsoever you want and you will find it. On the other hand, you will be able to sell absolutely anything you want to for FREE.

CATCHYZ has different categories and sub-categories for all businesses which leaves nobody out. The sections are, but not limited to; vehicles, electronics & appliances, mobile phones, real estate, women's fashion, men's fashion, home & garden, job seekers& services, books, sports & music, agribusiness & food, business & industrial, pets, babies & kids.

To find the shop you want, you can search for a location and get the items you need easily. You can start your own online business as well on CATCHYZ for FREE.
For example;

If you have old things you don't use anymore, you don't have to throw them away. Someone might want what you don't want so you can, instead, sell through CATCHYZ for FREE.

CATCHYZ brings you services like tutors, transportation, cleaning, medical, home repair etc. Buy a car, house, phone, television etc. with absolutely no commission.
CATCHYZ Ltd aims to help the market, to simplify buying and selling by giving the buyer a wide variety of products and services. They can easily be accessed and also exposing the seller's business to different people all over the country, who would eventually become potential customers. The goal is to connect the cities all over the country in business, with absolutely no commission.

Your account

You can easily manage your account by editing your personal information, name, number, email, change profile picture, password and modify the notification settings.
CATCHYZ offers different packages such as;

• Premium 20; for small businesses, with 20 ads.
• Premium 50; for small businesses, with 50 ads.
• Silver; for businesses that would like to appear at the top.
• Gold; for those that would like to be seen frequently by everyone.

Once you have a shop, you can view your followers and following, where you will know which customers are really interested in your products or services and will also be able to post your items yourself which is all completely FREE. You can also add an admin or employee to help you moderate your shop.

CATCHYZ has made it easier for you to communicate and chat with your customer directly through chat, comments, reviews or questions. With these options, one can easily communicate with their customers and know how to improve their business.

As a client, you can now communicate with the seller to express your thoughts or directly to CATCHYZ account manager. We bring you a professional search box, simple access to chat, notifications, comments and statistics that aid in campaign.


You can register with CATCHYZ on either the website or the mobile applications for Android and iOS. Registration and browsing through the website can be done on your phone, computer or laptop by the use of web browsers such as: Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Etc. And the mobile application can be used on both Android and iOS, and will soon be available on Huawei Harmony OS.
Here's a fun fact-:

CATCHYZ comes to you with offers you would not easily find elsewhere such as; giving out FREE Tecno Spark 5 (with five high quality cameras) to randomly selected registered winners. There will be 2 lucky winners every week. Register on CATCHYZ and get a chance of winning a brand new Tecno Spark 5.

Payment Options Available at CATCHYZ:

• Visa/MasterCard
• Mobile Money
• Money Transfer (Wire Transfer)
• Wallet

So why should you use CATCHYZ?

With the help of this remarkable online classifieds marketplace, you as a buyer, in the comfort of your own home, will able to access different shops not just in the city you are currently in, but all around the country.

The variety of products and services offered will give you access to shops you didn't even know existed. It will allow you to reach more shops and choose what best suits you from the comfort of your own home.

Every business owner's dream is to increase sales, which is why CATCHYZ is here especially for you. With businesses opening up every day, competition has spiked, with customers buying from what is nearest to them.

We aim to bring you closer to your customers where you will be in constant communication about certain products or services you offer and how they can be improved. This builds a strong relationship between buyer and seller and will create loyal customers that will eventually turn into advocates for your business and all for FREE.

CATCHYZ also brings you a blog ( CATCHYZ blog is here to give you relevant and useful information that you need in your day to day life. Not only is the blog adding to your knowledge but is also consistent. In addition, the blog provides you with a comment section where you will be able to share your thoughts on the articles and suggest on what else you'd like to read. You'll also be able to like and share the articles on your social media.

Download CATCHYZ app from play store or apple store today or visit our website

For more information:
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +250780606666


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